Color Out of Space (2019)

  • Horror, Science Fiction
  • 1h 51m

A cosmic nightmare from the minds of H.P. Lovecraft (Re-Animator) and cult director, Richard Stanley (Hardware), Color Out Of Space follows Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage, Face/Off), Theresa Gardner (Joely Richardson, The Patriot) and their three children, whose recent retreat to rural life quickly crumbles when a meteorite crashes into their front yard. The mysterious aerolite seems to melt into the earth, infecting both the land and the properties of space-time. Mutant forms of technicolor flora start sprouting, while local animals begin to display bizarre deformities. Soon, the Gardners realize that they too are susceptible to the extraterrestrial pathogen, and must escape the contagious cloud that has consumed their farm. With the help of a friendly hydrologist (Elliot Knight) and eccentric neighbour (Tommy Chong), the family attempts to battle a nebulous entity that they can barely begin to understand. What chance can a few humans have against a force capable of traversing the gulf between worlds, a nightmarish being that exists beyond the limits of the human spectrum?


Richard Stanley



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Eat The Film @Home - Sci-Fi Box Introduction

Captain Liam requires your presence as he travels through wormholes, enters cyberspace and explores the world of the Science Fiction genre.

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Eat The Film @Home - Sci-Fi Box Pre-Show

Curated by Roxy programmer Phil Jack, here are some classic Science Fiction themed adverts & trailers.

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