Utu Redux (2013)

  • Action, Adventure, History
  • 1h 47m

Geoff Murphy’s original 1983 classic, digitally re-mastered to glorious effect.

Meaning retribution, UTU takes an unflinching look at the British colonial presence in the country during the 1870s. Te Wheke, a scout and guide for the British army, comes across his village, wiped out in a massacre by the British. He deserts and vows to take revenge against his former employers. Joining a group of other, equally angry Maori, he sets in motion a brutal campaign of terror and murder. It begins with a single woman and the burning of her house and spreads far and wide from there.

As Te Wheke, Anzac Wallace gives an unforgettable performance, ably supported by Kiwi icon Bruno Lawrence. UTU has lost none of its power or relevance in the years since its initial release, and this version gives new life to a story that should never be forgotten.

New Zealand International Film Festival: 2013


Geoff Murphy



Bonus Content

6 mins
Eat The Film at Home - Kiwiana Box Intro

Take a look over the fence as Liam Reid guides you through some of the history of New Zealand film.

17 mins
Eat The Film at Home - Kiwiana Box Pre-Show

Curated by Roxy programmer Phil Jack, here are some classic Kiwiana adverts & trailers.

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