Welcome to Roxy OnDemand, our brand spanking new video streaming platform. This site has been meticulously curated by The Roxy team with your at home entertainment in mind. We’ve tried our utmost to make this platform a movie fan paradise. Offering the same range of content you’d expect to find on any regular visit to our beloved cinema, we’ll be bringing you the usual hidden gems we champion, as well as some familiar favourites to keep that love of cinema burning strong.

Our cinema mad team have even selected their own staff picks, to help you make that always difficult choice of what to watch. If there’s a particular director or genre you wish to explore than look no further than our themed Three Film Packs spotlighting content well worth checking out. This platform will also tie in every week with our Eat The Film @ Home dinner boxes with especially curated selections for that weeks package. Now go forth and indulge your cinematic desires with your new favorite streaming service, Roxy OnDemand.

If you have any troubles with the platform please email ondemand@roxycinema.co.nz and we will answer your questions.